Mumu Distribution

"I started Mumu up in 2005.

I was approached by a very clever man (who had invented the world's first hand held Champagne bottle opener amongst other things) to help sell his new device into the NZ market. This then led to a few other suppliers wanting my little company to distribute their items as well.

The idea was to establish a range of cool products aimed primarily at the wine cellar door & hospitality sectors that would supercede the old fashioned corkscrew now that the industry was moving away in droves from the traditional cork sealed wine bottle. Although our bar accessories are targeted squarely at the hospitality industry, we also want the wine lover or beer drinker to use these professional bar tools at home so they can best enjoy their favourite drop! We sell a range of products direct to retail or trade & can be found in general gift stores, shoe repair/engraving stores, kitchenware specialty stores, wine/liquor outlets, cellar door sales etc. We specialise in branding our products for promotional use too.  Mumu now sells products NZ wide & internationally. We have agents covering most territories.

We have also just launched a wicked Automotive uniform range direct from the United States that is getting rave reviews from people in the know (please go to the Apparel section & click on the link to get a preview of some of this amazing clothing).

Remember the TV ad that went... "I loved the product so much I bought the business" ?...well after selling these for over 7 years, I did the same thing & purchased Hand Jive in late 2012. It's a real buzz to think that someone somewhere in the world right now is probably popping open a beer using one of my Hand Jive openers : )

So from our NZ made & designed Longitude Argon Winesaver can and Hand Jive bar blades, to the new Wine Perfector, to our wine fridges, workgear ranges, bar accessories, bags & boxes, I still get excited by the challenge in finding new & innovative products to add to our growing list.

If asked to sum up Mumu in 5 words or less, I guess it would be that we're Purveyors of Cool Stuff


Neil Boddington - Mumu founder 2011

This is me in a V8 just before takeoff at Hampton Downs Race Track May 2013...the driver is some dude called Greg Murphy.

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